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The Ideal Day Podcast

Feb 7, 2023

When was the last time you were triggered? I’m guessing within the last 24 hours right? Being triggered is such a common part of the world we live in. The secret is being able to deal with your triggers effortlessly. In today’s show we have Susan Campbell on the show to give us a ‘Trigger To Tranquil’ Masterclass.

Psychologist Susan Campbell has worked as a corporate trainer and relationship coach for over 50 years. A former professor at the University of Massachusetts, she is author of twelve books on the topic of relationships and human communication. 

Her work has been featured in many popular magazines including New Woman, Psychology Today, Self, Harvard Business Review, Seventeen, Men's Health, New Age, Fast Company, and Yoga Journal. 


How To Stop Reacting When You’re Triggered


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Susan Campbell Website

From Triggered To Tranquil Book



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