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The Ideal Day Podcast

Jul 21, 2020

Now more than ever, we’re easily overwhelmed in our lives. From our hectic careers, family dramas to maintaining our health and relationships. It seems finding the right balance can be tough. 

To add to that, we are now in the technology age; calendar appointments, notifications and even zoom calls! It’s easy to run on autopilot to get through the day. This kind of conditioning leads many to stress overwhelm and burnout.

In today’s show we are going to look at tools and strategies you can implement tog et hold of your stress when it arises, be that work, home, personal and family stresses.


Flexispot Standing Desks

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The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins

Think THIS, Not That. Mel Robbins YouTube

Letting Go, David Hawkins

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The Stoic Challenge, William Irvine

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Greg Potter | Upgrading Your Sleep

How To Create Your Ideal Evening Routine

Andy Mant | How Light Can Impact Our Health And How To Use It To Our Advantage

BluBlox – Lumi Sleep+ Light Bulb

Box Breathing App

Wim Hof Method

The 5 Suprising Ways That Meditation Improves You

Deepak Chopra


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