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The Ideal Day Podcast

Aug 24, 2021

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Dr. Shlifer is a board-certified internal medicine physician specializing in preventative care, nutrition/metabolism and anti-aging medicine.


He is the cofounder of Sapien, an organization focused on promoting health education and advancing health information technology....

Aug 17, 2021

Today is a special show for me. I have thought long and hard about condensing and distilling down the biggest factors in modern society that cause all the sickness and mental health issues we face today. Half of the areas I’ll talk about are not mentioned across social media as being an issue at all.


All of the...

Aug 3, 2021

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In today’s show, Dr Natasha returns to the show to continue Part 2 of our recent conversation. In this episode we go into further detail on the GAPs Diet and more specifically into the world of microbes! I was blown away by what Dr Natasha discussed! Tune in and listen.