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The Ideal Day Podcast

Dec 17, 2019

In today’s episode I had the pleasure of talking with Matt Maruca of The Light Diet. This guy is super knowledgeable when it comes to the importance of light and the connection to our overall health.   




Ra Optics:

Dec 10, 2019

In today’s episode we are talking and reviewing 10 books to kick start your 2020 into action.  


These books come highly recommended from Sarah and I and will help you get into the right mindset to crush 2020. Also, they’d all be a great gift for the festive season.


Top 10 Books


  1. Can’t Hurt Me, David...

Dec 3, 2019

In this episode of Your Ideal Day, we speak with GP in training, Dr Reamika West. 


Dr West is rather much an anomaly when it comes to health practitioners. Someone that is training in both Conventional and Functional Medicine. These approaches to medicine both have rather different and opposing views on becoming and...