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The Ideal Day Podcast

Oct 18, 2022

This episode is powerful.  I had the pleasure to chat with Michael Mason of the MasonSurvival Protocol. We spoke about his strategies on sustaining health and vitality in your later years. . Michael is re-defining what it means to be approaching your 60s. I know we can all takeaway some pointers for our own health on today’s episode.

Michael Mason is a Strength and conditioning trainer, High level Martial Arts Self defence, Chi Gong and Breath-work instructor. 

Michael spent 15 years in Switzerland working with some of the most famous people in the World as their Bodyguard, ski coach and Personal trainer.

Now based in the UK, Michael now focuses his time on his carnivore retreat business and private FB group MasonSurvival.

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Michael Mason Instagram

Mason Survival Accountability Group


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