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The Ideal Day Podcast

Feb 28, 2023

Victor Cozetto is the founder of Vitagenics, a platform of doctors and healers that care about wellness. The platform focuses on coaching and mentorship of health so that people can become empowered to improve their own wellness.

Victor continues to study many other successful traditions of the past and present. You'll hear him speaking about electric medicine, herbs, Ayurvedic practices, shamanism, detox protocols, and more.

In today’s show we talk about all things Quantum Healing. Not one to miss. 


Victor Cozzetto | The Secret Health Hacks That You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

Victor Cozzetto | Detox Secrets To Get Your Energy Back And Boost Your Wellbeing

Victor Cozzetto | The Kefir Masterclass


The Emotion Code Book

Animal Communication Video

iTeraCare Device


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