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The Ideal Day Podcast

May 4, 2021

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Jennifer Kempson is a Scottish Youtuber, Podcaster, Author and Educator with a passion to help people create prosperity in their lives by understanding money, investing and entrepreneurship.  


She has grown her brand “Mamafurfur” to over 75k+ subscribers on Youtube in the past three years, along with 3000+ people using her products and courses.  


Since leaving full time employment only in January 2021, she has built up her business from ground up to a multiple 6 figure yearly business continuing to impact hundreds of thousands of people every month through her content and resources. 


You Get What You Give. The Surprising Benefits Of Why Giving Is Good For You


Connect with Jennifer Kempson below;


Jennifer Kempson YouTube

Jennifer Kempson Website

Jennifer Kempson Instagram


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