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The Ideal Day Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

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Have you heard of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet or GAPS diet? On this episode of The Ideal Day Podcast we interview Neurologist and nutrition expert Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. 


Dr Natasha is the best-selling author and creator of the Gut And Psychology Syndrome, Natural Treatment Of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression And Schizophrenia where she explores the connection between the patient’s physical state and brain function.


We also dive into her new book called Gut and PHYSIOLOGY syndrome that focuses on chronic physical health problems, from allergies, eczema and asthma to autoimmune illness, chronic fatigue and digestive problems, neurological and hormonal illnesses, and chronic infections.


Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride was a pioneer in gut, brain, body connection before it was getting so much research attention.  She has blazed a trail for others to follow and has since been working as a nutritionist in the UK helping thousands of people to take their health back.  


If you are looking for natural solutions to autism, ADHD, ADD, depression, anxiety, autoimmune, eczema, asthma, arthritis, psoriasis, or any chronic health condition you will want to listen to this show.  


In Dr Natasha's words, ‘there is no such thing as a hopeless case’.  


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Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride’s Books


Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Put Your Heart in Your Mouth

Vegetarianism Explained

Gut And Physiology Syndrome


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Connect with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride below;


Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride Website

GAPs Training Website


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